A Pox on Champix!

Posted on: Thursday, Apr 21, 2011

Update on whether Champix stops smoking.  Probably.  It also has the potential to stop a lot of other things.  Like sleep.  And living.  As prescribed, I took the tablets for six days to give up on Day 7.  At 7:30pm on Day 6, for no reason, I fell asleep at the dining table (never happened before) and went straight to bed.  Three hours later, I was up.  Really ‘up’.  24 hours later, I was still up and ‘up’.  No desire for sleep at all and, strangely, not one MS symptom during that time.  The brain was travelling at a million miles an hour.  I went online to see if I was alone in the side effect reaction.  I wasn’t.  It appears to be a very dangerous drug – there are numerous accounts of suicide, suicidal thoughts, anger, violence, depression, mood swings, inability to sleep etc – especially combined with MS (Champix goes for part of the brain) – one person with MS hasn’t had a cigarette for 18 months, but can’t get off the medication for depression or insomnia.  And one forum mentions that pilots and air traffic controllers in the United Sates are banned from taking the drug!  At least I know that cold turkey doesn’t kill you, unless you swallow the wishbone.  There are law suits against drug company Pfizer (some for covering up the potential suicide risk), and here’s a link to the side effects forum: http://ehealthforum.com/health/champix=side-effects-t139846.html

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